Mariachi Sunday

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Mariachi Sunday-IMGP1421Mariachi SundayMariachi Sunday - From September through November, Mariachi groups from across the southwestern U.S. come to Old Mesillia, New Mexico to entertain folks gathered in the historic square.

They sing and play with passion and gusto, the Mariachi bands entertain and keep traditions alive. 

Families gathered on the risers, others standing or sitting on chairs they brought. The square in Old Mesillia, New Mexico is filled every Sunday afternoon from September to November with the sounds of Mariachi. Mariachi Sundays, as it's called, serve to gather the locals and tourists to enjoy the warm afternoons, shopping the farm and craft stalls that line the square. 

I could have listened all afternoon. I did for much of the time that the others in our small group were shopping prior to grabbing some Sunday dinner in a nearby cafe. Colorful in costume, moving in voice and skilled with instruments, the Mariachi bands (there were several) all delighted. 

I was especially entranced with the sound of the guitarrón. It looks like an oversized guitar, which it is, with three strings and acts as a bass guitar. The amplified sound vibrated right through me, keeping the beat 

Several of the band members would put down their instrument, and take up the mike to belt out the next song, taking turns as a soloist. This gentleman was playing one of the trumpets before singing with verve and heart for this song. 


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