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Plunge-IMGP5113PlungePlunge - A Pelican plunging into the Atlantic Ocean after a bit of swimming dinner, caught just before its beak broke the surface of the waves.

A lucky shutter click. 

Pelicans troll the ocean near the beach, on the lookout for fish or other food beneath the waves. When they spot a likely catch, they plunge down from the sky and hopefully spear or otherwise capture and devour their prey.

Sometimes I'll see a group of five to eight or so birds, flying in a line, wings skimming the ocean's surface. I've never seen any hunting behavior when there's a group of birds flying in this way. 

On the hunt, these feathered fowl with the large, long and pointed beak, fly many meters above the ocean, eyes cast downward. Once they spot prey, they dive as seen in this photograph. Swiftly and surely they plunge, giving their prey no warning. 

I love to watch these birds at work. 


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