Thistle Bee

September 27, 2014  •  Leave a Comment

Thistle Bee-IMGP2163Thistle BeeThistle Bee - Its body covered with golden pollen, this busy bee digs for nectar in the Thistle blossom.

Busy at the only work it knows and does best, this bee, its body covered in golden grains of pollen, hunts for nectar among the purple spikes of a Thistle blossom. 

All parts of the natural world work together to keep our planet alive and growing. Without bees, crops, trees, plants wouldn't grow as far and wide as with the assist that the bees provide, transferring pollen from flower to flower. How much more goes on at in nature that we have no idea of, but life as we know it depends upon. 

Life at the small scale supports life at the human scale. 


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