Last Light on the Field

February 05, 2016  •  1 Comment

Last Light on the Field-1-2-2014Last Light on the Field-What is it about sunset that entrances most all of us?

What is it about sunset that entrances most all of us? 

I think that part of the fascination with sunrises and sunsets is the extraordinary. There's a sameness to daylight. Same goes for the dark of night. Moving from twilight to sunrise or sunset to twilight brings out the long, red rays of the sun as it rises or sets at the horizon. 

At no other time in the day can you see just how fast the world is turning, how quickly light changes the world around you. One minute that snow is fully white, reflecting the sun up in the sky. The next minute, the shadows are long and everything is tinted orange, with the shadows turning the world blue. 

If you're fortunate, and all the elements align, the clouds get painted with a brilliant palette of morning or evening colors: reds oranges, pinks, golds and the like.

Fleeting light. 

Take your eyes off the scene for a minute or two, and notice how quickly the colors change as the world turns (roughly 1000 miles an hour). 

Enjoy the beauty of the moment. All light, like all life, quickly fades. Then we are left with the memory, which pales. 


Nicholas Penning(non-registered)
Glorious photograph. As perfect as I've seen in every respect. What a way be to begin a day with this view upon my screen.
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