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The lens used to take this portrait of me isn't quite as old as I am, but it's close. 

Old "glass" (a term some photographers use for a lens) is sometimes the best glass. 

A friend passed this and some other very old lenses on to me before he passed away from cancer. I have been very grateful to him ever since I received his legacy of good glass. 

This lens is the cream of the crop. An 85mm f1.9 beauty. 

My Karen Sue, my partner, my love, took this of me this afternoon. I was showing her how to use focus peaking to get precise focus on a fully manual lens. She really likes that feature of my Sony A6000, when paired with any manual lens. 

This was her first frame taken. She nailed it with the lens wide open, giving a very shallow depth of focus. 

I still have dimples under all that hair on my face. 


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