In The Shadows

March 10, 2016  •  1 Comment

In The Shadows-02452In The ShadowsWhat lies in the shadows of an old basement?

What lay in the shadows of an old basement? 

Dust. Spider webs. Items lost. Darkness. 

I was taking "before" photos of a newly purchased home for a close relative, prior to them starting the extensive updates they plan for the home. As I began looking over the images, I kept stopping and staring at certain ones. They spoke to me. 

This one image of a corner of the basement called out to me. Our first home had a basement much like this one. With dark corners, punctuated by small windows of daylight pushing  ever so slightly into the shadows. 

What tales these items could tell us, about this home, and about ourselves. 


Nicholas Penning(non-registered)
Lovely photograph of a corner that surely had a history.1600 West Lawrence had a tiny workshop space for Dad. Small workbench, no window and a band saw he let me use to cut an 'altar boy' out of plywood. Memories.
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