The Earth's Good Night

March 11, 2016  •  Leave a Comment

The Earth's Good Night-LGG3-PanoThe Earth's Good NightSunset on March 10 from my backyard

Earlier, as evening approached, I looked at the sky and thought: "That good be a good looking sunset tonight." 

It was. 

I saw the sky light up with this special spectacle of colors and clouds as I was heading out to choir practice. 

As I exited the garage, about to get into my car, my hand automatically went to the camera at hand, my cell phone. 

I knew that I could not capture the grandeur of the sky in one photograph. I took five overlapping shots, with the intent to later stitch them together. 

As quick as that, I was done, and the light had already started to fade to black  of night. 

Sic Transit Gloria Mundi. A Latin phrase that translates to "The Glory of the World Quickly Fades. An apt phrase to come to mind as I see this glorious light and how quickly it passes into twilight then the backdrop of the stars. 

Enjoy the moment as it comes, each one passes far too quickly.  


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