Beautifully Wild

April 13, 2016  •  Leave a Comment

Beautifully Wild-DSC03243Beautifully WildWildflowers by my driveway on a crisp spring morning.

I have no idea what this plant, these flowers are called. My personal gardener, my lovely bride Karen Sue, had no idea either after I described them to her via a phone call. "I'm fairly sure they are wildflowers" said she that usually knows. 

Beautifully wild is what I call them. 

The tiny fuzz-like filaments are all over every bit of these plants, from stem, leaves and those tiny pinched-like pink and purple flowers. 

I was looking at the nearby Hosta blossoms. The closer I got, the more these towers with tiny blooms reeled my attention. 

Nature sure is full of beauty and complexity. Found all around us. 

Take a closer look and marvel at life. 


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