Green Life Light

April 11, 2016  •  Leave a Comment

Green Life Light-IMGP8631Green Life LightNew green leaf growth on a tall tree, shines with the mid-day spring sunshine.

After a winter of gray skies and bare-limbed trees, the newly sprouted green leaves, shimmering in the mid-day spring sunshine glow with life and light. 

As I was driving the other day, I saw tree after tree sprouting these tiny leaves. A sure sign that spring is firmly here. 

Here and there, the trees were glowing with just the right angle of sunlight. Like big neon signs of nature, they were saying: "I'm alive. I'm awake from my winter slumber. Spring is here!" 

I had my camera on the seat next to me. A quick setup at a stop-light, and I was ready for the next glowing tree. My window down, I saw this one coming in the next block, and was ready to grab that one frame as I drove by, not even looking at the tree, sensing it coming into position as I kept my eyes on the road ahead. 

I love spring. Renewal of life abounds. 



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