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Curious-03534CuriousSmokey - The curious one of our two feline companions. Always on the lookout for something of interest in her domain.

Our two cats like to cuddle up with my sandals, when they're off my feet. It's a cat thing, apparently. 

I observed our curious one of the two feline companions in our home, Smokey, as she circled round the footware, pawing away at them and settling into a comfortable spot, sprawled across them on the floor. It was a perfect setting for a portrait. 

I grabbed my camera, lay down on the floor, and contented myself with a long wait until the right combination of elements would eventually arrive in front of my lens. In the meanwhile, I had to put up with our two furry friends, licking my hair, my arm, rubbing up against me, and all manner of greetings and signs of affection while they got used to my new and unfamiliar position on the floor. 

Eventually, they settled down and went back to my sandals, finding them more fun than me. 

First Sissy, then Smokey, both took turns with my footwear. This image was towards the end of my patience. I'm glad I took the time. 

The contrast and light is perfect for a portrait. It was worth both the kitty attention, and the wait. 


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