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Trish-03509TrishMy sister Trish, taken with a lens that dates to around 1965, mounted to my Sony A6000.

My sister Trish. 

She almost always acts like a goofball when a camera is pointed at her. I did her a favor today, so in return, I asked for her portrait with a natural smile. She obliged. 

She's two years older than me. She's always been my protector, even when I find it a bit irritating. That's how siblings work: we love each other and find each other strangely odd at times. I'm glad she puts up with me. Likewise, I know! 

I used a lens that means a lot to me for this portrait. It was passed on to me from a friend who gave it to me prior to his passing on from life. It's a very old lens, dating from around 1965. I use an adapter to mount it to my Sony A6000 camera. It's a dreamy-good portrait lens. I think of my friend Dean, bringing back memories of his laughter and smile with each use of this wonderful lens. 

Thanks for returning the favor, Trish. 


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