Angel Pansy

September 17, 2016  •  Leave a Comment

Angel Pansy-04158Angel PansySeeing angel figures in a purple and white Pansy flower.

Pansies are among my favorite flowers, due to the influence of my Pansy-loving mother. Purple was her favorite color and is likewise mine. Her influence continues, long after her physical presence is gone. 

I had a bit of a stressful early morning today. One way I choose to deal with my stress is to seek out and ponder upon some bit of nature. Seeing the wonders of the natural world, taking in the beauty displayed, all serves me well to set my mind to a calmer level. 

This morning, as I looked out the front window. I saw the basket of purple and white Pansy flowers that my dear Karen Sue had put up for her mother to enjoy from her perch in the living room. The delicate blossoms were dancing in time with the gentle morning breeze. The petals of purple and white had dots of the overnight rain. 

I grabbed my camera and went outside to grab some of that magic. 

As I was working on this image, I kept zooming in to see the center, filled with tiny fronds and drops of rain.

Suddenly I saw a figure of an angel, with purple arms and wings outspread, a crown of white hair and a breastplate of gold. 

My Angel Pansy had come to greet me this morning. 


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